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From January 31 to May 4 2014, to mark the centenary of the birth of Robert Capa, the International Center of Photography in New York presented Capa in color, the most comprehensive retrospective exhibition of the color photographs snapped by the great photographer, with an impressive selection of images which have all been restored. Tens of thousands of visitors flocked to the exhibition.

For the first time, the catalog of the exhibition is being translated into Italian. Robert Capa was the most important photo journalist of the 20th century. He took some of the most famous photographs of WWII, of American troops in Italy, the war in Spain, the Jews who survived the concentration camps, and cities devastated by bombing raids. His most notable shots live on in everyone’s memory: the anarchist militant shot dead in the war in Spain, perhaps his most famous photo, mourning mothers around the coffins of the kids from the Sannazaro secondary school who died fighting, and shots of Germans during the ‘Four Days’ of Naples. Although Capa is best known for his work in black and white, from 1941 onwards, until his death in 1954, he regularly used color film. Some of these photographs were published in magazines but, over the years, Capa’s color work has been virtually forgotten. Until now. Containing more than 100 contemporary prints, from publications and personal documents, the book thus offers a new view of the work of this master of photography, a highly diverse portfolio. They range from pictures of life at a Swiss ski resort, to an extremely rare photo of Pablo Picasso with his son, also a picture of Ernest Hemingway with his son, and his last splendid color shots taken in Indochina in 1954, shortly before he met his death as the result of a hand grenade. Restored for the first time, today, Capa’s color photographs constitute one of the most fundamental artistic legacies of the 20th century.

Dal 31 gennaio al 4 maggio 2014 in occasione del centenario dalla nascita di Robert Capa, il centro internazionale di fotografia di New York ha presentato "Capa in color", la migliore retrospettiva a colori del lavoro del grande fotografo, con una selezione di immagini tutte restaurate. Robert Capa è stato il fotoreporter più importante nella storia del XX secolo e ha realizzato alcune fra le fotografie più famose della Seconda guerra mondiale, sulle truppe americane in Italia, sulla guerra in Spagna, sugli ebrei sopravvissuti ai campi di concentramento, sulle città bombardate. I suoi scatti più noti sono ormai proprietà della memoria di tutti.