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Monografias de Arquitectura


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Contemporary architecture, immersed in a world of conflicts and tensions, operates in an analogous way. It is no longer a discipline that follows formal rules, but a practice imbricated in the social, economic and political problems of each place. The architectural work of Tatiana Bilbao ESTUDIO operates as a research laboratory in which technical problems are resolved and where an active position in defense of man and nature is firmly assumed. The enormous production of ideas and designs that takes place there is directed to different spaces, in which the architecture is deeply humanized.

This publication accompanies the exhibition entitled with the same name that together make a retrospective on collaborative work and the knowledge and use of traditional Mexican construction techniques that distinguish Tatiana Bilbao ESTUDIO. Projects that are divided into four of the most important topics for the study: living, space, collage and context. With texts by Patrick Charpenel, Simon Hartmann, Raymund Ryan and a conversation with Gonzalo Ortega, the contemporary language of Tatiana Bilbao ESTUDIO is shown, which combines the use of a hundred of the materials, optimal functionality and original design, with a discreet aesthetic that denotes great respect towards the landscape.