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ISBN 9780500239261
28.00 x 21.00 cm
230 Illustrations, 224 in colour
First published 2015
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‘This new book is an ambitious study and a great achievement … Suzanne Hudson’s text is a vital argument for the importance of painting, and she explores the manner in which the vast field can be reapproached, challenged and reimagined with great alacrity … 'Painting Now' makes a valuable contribution to commentary on the visual arts and culture in the present’ – Studio International
‘Hudson makes an eloquent and erudite survey of artistic practice today – essential reading for anyone interested in a deeper understanding of today’s art world’– Leisure Painter
‘Essential reading for scholars, art lovers, gallery owners, critics and curators’– Class Magazine, Italy

Compellingly argued and beautifully illustrated, Painting Now is an invaluable primer on the state of painting today and essential reading for all those interested in contemporary art, art history and criticism

Painting Now

Painting Now explores the ways in which the medium has been re-approached, challenged and reimagined by some of the most exciting artists at work today

Painting is a continually expanding and evolving form of creative expression whose ongoing relevance is here passionately asserted by renowned critic and art historian Suzanne Hudson. Painting Now offers an insightful original survey of contemporary work – a critical snapshot that brings together more than 200 artists from around the world who are defining the painterly ideas and aesthetics of our time.

The introduction maps out the history of painting in the modern and postmodern eras, followed by chapters that offer a wide-ranging thematic analysis of the field, addressing such ideas as appropriation, attitude, production and distribution, the body, painting about painting, and painters who introduce performance, installation and textiles into their work to critique painting itself.