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A unique linsight into life in Brazil's infamous favelas. A honest portrayal of the 'other side' of Brazil's society. Portrays a world that came to prominence with the hit film City of God. Combining thought-provoking text and hard-hitting, stunning photography, Inside the Favelas provides a compelling commentary on the life in Brazil's shanty towns Includes a foreword by The Honorable Sérgio Cabral Filho, Govenor of the State of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil Behind Rio de Janeiro's beautiful beaches and the beautiful people who adorn them reside the Brazilian people who live on the other side of the socio-economic mountain. This extraordinary and breakthrough document, Inside the Favelas, explores for the first time in print, through words and photographs to which only this author has had access, the reasons why and how the divide between the jet-set and the misbegotten is so great. From the first favela (shanty-town), whose origins lie in the late nineteenth century, right through the tumultuous years of Brazil's military dictatorship to the present government - who are offering the population the first real chance at change that they have ever had. So if you're strong enough to open this book, climb the stairs, and leave the iconic imagery 'The Girl from Ipanema' behind, here is a landmark opportunity to see for yourself what life is like when you're inside the favelas of Rio de Janeiro. Contents: Foreword by Governor Sérgio Cabral Filho; Foreword by João Maurício de Araújo Pinho; Author's Preface; Are You Strong Enough, Rio?; Introduction: Under Pressure; Chapter 1: I Got You, Babe!; Chapter 2: Stepping Out; Chapter 3: Organizing the Troops; Chapter 4: Eviction Notices; Chapter 5: New Neighbors; Chapter 6: I Am Born; Chapter 7: Moving Day; Chapter 8: Growing Up; Chapter 9: One Thought Remains; Chapter 10: Why Stairs?; Conclusion: Finish the Job; Hooking Up in Rio: A Cat s Tale, A High-Voltage Drama; Introduction: The Gordian Knot; Chapter 1: On the Prowl; Chapter 2: Watch Out! There s a New Cat in Town; Chapter 3: Blackouts and Anarchy; Chapter 4: Reconstruction; Chapter 5: Notes from Mt. Olympus; Chapter 6: Wearing the Shirt; Chapter 7: Spraying Hope; Chapter 8: Power to the People; Chapter 9: A Step toward the Great Society or The Scalded Cat Returns?; Chapter 10: Redrawing the Line; Conclusion: "I Am He as You Are He as You Are Me and We Are All Together"; Postscript; STAIRS; CATS; Endnotes; Further Reading.