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This edition of a+u is a special issue on OMA, architectural office led by Rem Koolhaas, featuring 14 recent works including seven on-going projects. Surveying OMA's recent works, what stands out is the number of preservation and renovation projects of historic buildings, Fondazione Prada and Garage Museum of Contemporary Art, both completed this year (2015), gives new use to the modern heritage. These projects, entailing both preserved and new buildings, are characterized by the diversity brought about by the coexistence and contrast of old and new. Such change in the type of OMA's works may be the result of their ability to always read ahead of the time.

Mr. Gabriel Kogan, who is an architect and journalist, writes about Koolhaas's long-term interest interest in the issue of preservation and discusses OMA's preservation projects as well as empty structures in cities and change in finantial operations behind historical monuments.

Latter half of the edition introduces urban-scale projects. It becomes apparent that OMA's projects vary in the scale, location and function. Mr. Edwin Heathcote, architecture critic for The Finantial Times, says the following in his essay: "(Koolhaas) can be dismissive, sharp, witty and moody. But all in the cause of ensuring that an architectural intelligence is indelibly inscribed in each project." Where is OMA, who has questioned and challenged diverse subject matters, headed? Through the works featured in this issue, we hope to find out more about the world that they see coming.


Feature: OMA - Recent Works

  • 10
  • Essay: OMA: Always ahead
  • Edwin Heathcote

  • 16
  • Fondazione Prada

  • 30
  • Garage Museum of Contemporary Art

  • 46
  • Fondation d'Enterprise Galeries Lafayette, Paris

  • 52
  • Il Fondaco dei Tedeschi

  • 56
  • Hermitage Museum

  • 60
  • Small Hermitage and the Display of Displays

  • 64
  • Essay: OMA on preservation
  • Gabriel Kogan

  • 68
  • Musée national des beaux-arts du Québec

  • 72
  • Timmerhuis

  • 82
  • Pont Jean-Jacques Bosc, Bordeaux

  • 86
  • Axel Springer Campus

  • 90
  • Shenzhen Stock Exchange

  • 100
  • De Rotterdam

  • 112
  • Taipei Performing Arts Center

  • 122
  • The Interlace

  • 130
  • Essay Series:
  • Architecture: Biological Form and Artificial Intelligence Part I
  • Nikos A. Salingaros, Kenneth G. Masden II