A+U 12:03 498 LACATON & VASSAL

A+U 12:03 498 LACATON & VASSAL

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Revistas de Arquitectura


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This issue is devoted to the work of French architects Lacaton &Vassal (Anne Lacaton and Jean-Philippe Vassal). In order to fully capture their architectural and urban concerns in one volume, the issue documents their work from 1992-2011 in approximate order.

The unifying theme of their work is in maximizing effect through minimal costs. Special emphasis is placed on the existing environment and available structures, and strategies
that supplement and compliment what is already present are
preferred over those that start from scratch. Additive elements, like greenhouse modules and precast concrete frames, are directly incorporated into design. The motivation is economic as well as ecological always conceiving space through the poetic integration of nature, people, buildings, and landscapes.

I paid a visit to the office of Lacaton & Vassal in the autumn of 2011. While looking through their photographs, I notice that there were hardly any that showed their work immediately after completion. Instead, I find photographs of two distinct phases; of those being built and of those being lived in. The latter is full of life, filled with furniture and personal objects, openly revealing the daily lives of the inhabitants.

I was struck by their response when I asked about this:
Architecture is not defined by specific moments because it
is not simply an object to be looked at. Rather, its existence
depends on its occupation.

Within an economic context where budgetary constraints are
making it more difficult for architects to realize public projects
to their standards, Lacaton & Vassal continues to build for the
enrichment our society and daily lives. No matter how difficult,
their work is proof that it is possible to improve peoples livesthrough the practice of architecture. (a+u)
Translated from Japanese by Michael Sypkens.

Essay: Architecture must be direct, useful, precise, economical,
free, joyful, poetic and cosmopolitan.
Lacaton & Vassal

Latapie House

Low Cost Dwelling, Prototype

D House, Cap Ferret

R House, Keremma

S House, Coutras

Social Housing, Mulhouse

23 Housing Units, Trignac

Ecological Neighborhood, La Vecquerie

Apartment Building, Poitiers

Housing, Petit Maroc

Housing Transformation, La Chesnaie

Transformation of Housing Block, Tour Bois le Prtre

Essay: Fragility, a moment in an open world
Karine Dana

Architecture School, Nantes

University Center of Management Sciences, Bordeaux

Exhibition Hall No. 7, Paris Nord Villepinte

Wine Cellar, Embres et Castelmaure

Palais de Tokyo, Contemporary Creation Site (Phase 1)

Palais de Tokyo, Contemporary Creation Site (Phase 2)

Projects List

Original French Essays