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I want you to imagine the warm crackle of an old record playing or the gentle rapping of rain against the window. Why? Well, despite conveying a certain sense of doom, the music of Peckham wunderkind King Krule still maintains a feeling that’s eminently comforting. So, have you got records and rain in mind? Then let’s begin exploring. Since he emerged with debut LP ‘6 Feet Beneath the Moon’ in 2013 – released two days after his nineteenth birthday – Archy Marshall has specialised in being utterly visceral in sound and raw in content. His dishevelled drawl frequently sidles up to sparse beats, jagged riffs and wayward blasts of brass. All the while he gives structure to the shadows of life, emitting low growls about failed romance, getting wasted and the gloom that can come from inner-city living.

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