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The Agent Intellect is huge in nature. It’s an album impossible to digest in one sitting, and an album to be respected for that reason. Protomartyr has made monumental steps in their musicianship, giving them an impressive magnetism over those who choose to listen to their records. Intellect flows from track to track with an ease and fluidity reminiscent of chapters turning by in a book. Yes, the songs seem to meld together as one which may sound like a criticism, but on this record and in the way it is executed, it is more of an achievement. There is something to be said for an album as whole and as dense as Intellect, especially coming from a band whose discography is still small. If the product from this fledgling post-punk group can be so much improved over three albums in four years, one can only hope for a bright future from this dismaying band. Despite the disparity in the message, Detroit has something to be proud of in Protomartyr.

Lista de Títulos
A1 The Devil In His Youth
A2 Cowards Starve
A3 I Forgive You
A4 Boyce Or Boice
A5 Pontiac 87
A6 Uncle Mother's
B1 Dope Cloud
B2 The Hermit
B3 Clandestine Time
B4 Why Does It Shake
B5 Ellen
B6 Feast Of Stephen

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