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Hard to believe it’s been almost ten years since that genre-defining first ‘Solo Piano’ instalment from Chilly Gonzales. Along with Goldmund’s ‘Corduroy Road’ it heralded a wave of solo piano releases that would re-ignite interest in the ivories and pepper the scene with (sometimes) memorable piano motifs. Gonzales himself has done pretty well from it too, in the last few years he’s found himself breaking a Guinness world record and lending his specific set of skills to Drake, Feist and Daft Punk among others. He’s become a veritable ‘go to guy’ for the piano, so it’s easy to work out why it’s taken him so darned long to come up with a sequel. We can safely say it was worth the wait and ‘Solo Piano 2’ is every bit as haunting, charming and evocative as its predecessor. While Gonzales might have edged into the mainstream, the humble subtlety of his compositions is still there. Whether tangling with the wink and smile of ‘Kenaston’ – a track you could easily imagine accompanying Paul Newman’s famed hustler, or the darker tones of ‘Escher’ and ‘Train of Thought’ there is a coherence and restraint that keeps you coming back again and again.

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