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Fold Your Hands Child, You Walk Like a Peasant is the fourth album from the Scottish group Belle & Sebastian. The album was released to generally favourable reviews.[1] Fold Your Hands Child... features songs at a slower pace than their other albums, making it their most quiet and mellow album yet. The album is the closest the band has come to the chamber pop genre, as the instrumentation is mostly acoustic.

The band introduced many stylistic changes on this album, such as an organic strings section and more songs with lead vocals by other members of the band; Sarah Martin sings on "Waiting for the Moon to Rise", Isobel Campbell sings on "Family Tree", and performs duets with Stevie Jackson (who sings in an unusually low voice) on "Beyond the Sunrise" and Stuart Murdoch on "Women's Realm". Jackson also sings lead vocal on "The Wrong Girl". It is the last Belle & Sebastian album to feature bass player Stuart David, who departed the band after the album's completion.

The twin sisters pictured on the cover are Gyða and Kristín Anna Valtýsdóttir both former members of the Icelandic experimental group múm.

The album's title comes from a piece of graffiti on a public toilet wall Stuart Murdoch had seen years earlier and remembered.[11]

The opening track I Fought in A War was used in the notable 2004 BBC documentary The Power of Nightmares. It was also used in the 2005 Eugene Jarecki documentary Why We Fight. The track There's Too Much Love was featured in the premiere trailer for the 2014 Brazilian film The Way He Looks and it is also featured in the film's soundtrack

Lista de Títulos
A1 I Fought In A War
A2 The Model
A3 Beyond The Sunrise
A4 Waiting For The Moon To Rise
A5 Don't Leave The Light On Baby
B1 The Wrong Girl
B2 The Chalet Lines
B3 Nice Day For A Sulk
B4 Women's Realm
B5 Family Tree
B6 There's Too Much Love

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