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Fixture Picture 4:07
Designer 4:16
Zoo Eyes 5:18
Treasure 4:12
The Barrel 5:00
Damn 6:28
Weight of the Planets 4:44
Heaven is Empty 3:19
Pilot 3:14

An artist of rare calibre, Aldous Harding does more than sing; she conjures a singular intensity. Her body and face a weapon of theatre, Harding dance with steeled fervor, baring her teeth like a Bunraku puppet's gnashing grin.

Her debut release with 4AD, 2017's Party (produced with award-winning John Parish (PJ Harvey, Sparklehorse) introduced a new pulse to the stark and unpopulated dramatic realm where the likes of Kate Bush and Scott Walker reside.

In April, Aldous Harding returns with Designer less than two years after the breakthrough album.

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