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Antena’s hugely influential, by-this-point seminal electro-bossa/synth-pop masterpiece reissued in its original mini-album format for first time since 1982...

Famously touted as the missing link between Antonio Carlos Jobim and Kraftwerk, ‘Camino Del Sol’ remains the significant and enduring release by Antena, a trio of teenagers in Brussels, 1982. Then living on busking wages and next door to Tuxedomoon, they recorded the effortlessly timeless fusions of Latin bossa and coy pop that would become their calling card for more than three decades and counting.

‘Camino Del Sol’ speaks to a sort of south European and South American good-life that was and still is exotically out of reach for listeners in more northerly climes. Their slinky rhythms, enchanted hooks and spacious, breezy vocals occupied a uniquely light-filled space between stripped-down post-punk styles and glossier new wave promise, and all with a haunting simplicity that would futureproof ‘Camino Del Sol’ and ultimately lead it to influence over countless others in their wake.

This reissue returns the original album to it’s mini-LP format following an expanded 2LP in 2010 that also included their handful of single and compilation tracks. At only 5 tracks long, the record is just perfectly formed, running from the weightless synth-pop shimmy of ‘Achilles’ to the lilting bliss of Camino Del Sol’ and the fruity balm of ’Si C’est Que Ça’ in about the same time it takes to draw a bath, but in the finest tradition of classic pop, Antena’s music will never, ever go cold.

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