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American Football is no longer a short-lived alliance. The Illinois-based emo rockers have settled into a new pace following their unexpected return in 2014. It wasn’t until after their reunion tour in support of their 1999 self-titled LP that they agreed to write a follow-up, if only because they enjoyed performing live but quickly got bored of playing the same songs. With their third self-titled LP, they can now lay to rest any concerns about their continuance as a band. “It’s as if you go to a high school reunion and people expect you to be the same,” singer-songwriter Mike Kinsella tells Apple Music. “You would be like, 'This is so weird. Why does everybody think I’m going to be the same 20 years later?' Now that we’re established, we can take many different directions without feeling we’re letting anyone down. It feels liberating.” Kinsella, his multi-instrumentalist brother Nate, and guitarist Steve Holmes reveal the stories behind American Football (LP3) with this track-by-track guide.

Lista de Títulos
A1 Silhouettes 7:21
A2 Every Wave To Ever Rise 5:54
A3 Uncomfortably Numb 4:10
A4 Heir Apparent 5:53
B1 Doom In Full Bloom 7:48
B2 I Can't Feel You 4:47
B3 Mine To Miss 5:23
B4 Life Support 5:57